Virginie FerrasseVirginie Ferrasse
09:07 21 Aug 22
Superb experience! Oscar is super professional, reassuring, he took us up to 1200 m altitude, we feel confident. He offered us the small glass of cava that we were able to savor while discovering this magnificent landscape of the Emporda with the sunrise.
Sílvia CastellàSílvia Castellà
13:20 03 Aug 22
A unique experience that I will definitely repeat. I loved it! They are very kind and attentive.
Remei Camps i FerrerRemei Camps i Ferrer
18:22 24 Jan 22
Absolutely recommended. The experience of flying in a balloon is immense, and doing it with Airona (Óscar and Àlex) allows you to enjoy it accompanied by the best professionals, who explain it to you, make you participate and share their knowledge with you . Do not hesitate for a second; cool eyes, Airona!!
Teresa Ribera CastroTeresa Ribera Castro
18:28 18 Jan 22
Totally recommended, a great and rewarding experience, a clear day that accompanied some splendid views of the Empordà. And we have no doubt, an unbeatable treatment and professionalism (great photos and video). Thank you family for this morning.
Danielle BroensDanielle Broens
18:37 06 Aug 21
This was a fantastic experience! Oscar and his crew were very kind. We could help getting the balloon ready for the flight. Foto's were taken and in the afternoon we recieved the link already. Highly recommended!