1. We ask you to please be punctual for your balloon experience. It is important to perform all the necessary requirements together as a group immediately to enable the prompt take off of the balloon. Any person who is not present at the initial greeting will lose the right to fly and will not be entitled to reimbursement.


2. The pilot is responsible at all times for the direction of the balloon flight and if necessary due to dangerous weather predictions will make the decision to land early.


3. We will contact all participants 24 hours prior to the activity on the mobile phone number provided to confirm that we have acceptable weather for the balloon ride.
We will also confirm the exact time of arrival and meeting point.


4. If you decide to buy a gift certificate for a friend these conditions are also applicable. Please note all gift vouchers are non-refundable. Pregnant women can not fly, in case of pregnancy, the expiration of the gift check is applied 9 months prior notice to Airona. We will not accept any gift card if it expires the expiration date and therefore you will lose the right to fly.


5. It is imperative that flying conditions are always safe. If for meteorological reasons we are unable to carry out the activity on the date chosen we will reschedule your flight to the next mutually agreeable date and time.


6. Once we have confirmed the reservation the date of the balloon ride can only be changed by mutual agreement up to seven days before the flight.


7. Payment is to be made by bank transfer the day we confirm the date. If you decide to pay a deposit the remainder must be paid on the day of the balloon trip in cash. Cancellation of the booking must be made up to 7 days prior to the flight or this will incur the loss of the flight ticket or deposit.


8. We do not accept any expenses caused by the cancellation of a flight.


9. We reserve the right to cancel any balloon flight without a minimum of four passengers (for reasons of airworthiness) Another date can be scheduled with mutual agreement.


10. Booking confirmation and payment for all balloon rides is customer acceptance of all the conditions described above.