It has never been so easy to give a balloon flight !!

If you want to give a balloon trip with Airona, you can do it in two ways:

  • Buy the product through our website and at the end of the purchase you will have the option to download the gift ticket.
  • Or you can download the generic gift ticket that you will find below this page.

This generic gift ticket below is not entitled to fly, if it is not accompanied by the order number you will receive when making the purchase.


If you buy the product from our website, you will not have to decide a flight date.

At the end of the purchase you can download the gift ticket and personalize it with the name, the date on which we have made it and put the order number.

If you want us to personalize the ticket, tell us during the purchase process and we will send it to your email as soon as possible.

This ticket expires after one year from when we do it.

Download your gift voucher here

Remember that this gift voucher is generic and does not work if it is not accompanied by the order number.

The gift voucher can be used to see if the person who wants to give away the balloon flight likes the gift before making the purchase!

If you are clear that you will like the gift of the ballooning, we recommend that you make the purchase through our website and when, once you have made the order, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the order and a link to download gift voucher.

Click the following link to download the generic gift voucher or purchase your flight.

Gift ticket balloon ride