Is there vertigo in the balloon?

No. There is no vertigo in the balloon , since when we fly there is no physical link between the globe and the earth, and this does not exist the vertigo in the balloon flights . The ascent is so smooth that it is even difficult to perceive the moment when we are separated from the earth. During the balloon ride , the basket is completely stable and does not move.

It’s colder during the flight?

There is the same ground temperature as during the balloon ride . As the balloon travels in the wind (at the same speed and direction), there is no wind sensation during the balloon flight .

Which clothes are best suited for ballooning?

During the balloon flight it does not get colder, so the clothes you bring to come to the meeting point will be the one you need for the balloon ride . In winter: We recommend that you bring comfortable closed footwear (sport type) and a jacket.In summer: We recommend that you bring a cap to protect you from the heat of the burners and comfortable and closed footwear (sports type).

How are balloons driven?

The balloons are driven changing height during the flight, taking advantage of layers of wind that we will find in different heights. The direction of the wind can vary in different heights and this can give the pilot the possibility to control the route. Thus, the pilot will use different heights to find different wind directions, to direct the balloon.

What is the best time to fly in balloon aerostàtic?

The best time of day to fly in a balloon is first thing in the morning, always after sunrise, as that is when the surface winds are calmer. After a few hours, the sun has been acting for some time and has begun to heat the earth and the atmosphere. Thereafter, the winds begin to be noticeable and it might not be safe to perform the balloon flight . It is an activity to perform in good weather (without rain or wind).