Vol en globus per sobre del riu Ter


Shared balloon flight is the cheapest fly and the most requested flight by our customers. With this type of flight you will share the basket from a minimum of 4 passengers to a maximum of 8 passengers + the pilot.

Everyone will have a good view from their position in the basket. Ballooning is a very quiet activity, as the balloon rises and falls very slowly. 


After the presentation we will take you by vehicle to the airfield.

Once there we will proceed with the preparations for the balloon flight.

If you wish to participate with the balloon assembly you can see firsthand how we prepare for the trip. Currently we are the only company that allow participation in the pre-flight setting up of the balloon from the beginning.

Airona-participate with the balloon assembly   Participate in the assembly

This enables you to witness the impressive sight of the balloon being inflated close at hand.

When the balloon is ready we can climb into the basket and begin your adventure.

During your balloon flight we will drink a toast with champagne and truffles to celebrate your amazing and unforgettable experience.

Your balloon flight lasts approximately 1h.

Balloon flight over Costa brava   Balloon ride with the best views of Costa Brava

During the flight the balloon drifts along peacefully, floating effortlessly through the air offering beautiful views over the Empordà.

It’s fields, it’s medieval villages….. truly a spectacular experience…As your flight comes to an end the pilot will look for a suitable area to land.

Airona-Landing   Collecting the ballloon, cool photos

Once we have collected the balloon we will then drive you to the meeting point.


The whole activity lasts approximately 2 hours 30min.


  • 4×4 Transport
  • Participation mounting and inflating of balloon
  • Balloon flight 1h approx.
  • Champagne and truffles toast on board.
  • With photos of the day
  • flight insurance


The activity has a duration about 3h.

Information of interest

Restrictions: A hot air balloon trip is very safe, but we do not recommend this activity to pregnant women and children under 6 years.

The maximum weight per passenger is 95 kg. (Consult in case of higher weight).

Period to fly: any day of the year, in summer as in winter, as long as the weather allows us.

Days of activity: flights are made all year long, mainly on weekends, but also during the week. Just consult us to know the availability.

Good weather for a good flight: this activity depends directly on the weather. We can fly in a hot air balloon only in light winds (less than 20 km / h) and without rain. In case of cancellation of the flight for bad weather, we will propose an alternative date.

Gift ticket: If you want to offer a balloon flight without booking a date, thev gift ticket is the best solution. It is valid for one year and allows beneficiaries to choose the time that suits them best.